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Y6: Wednesday 29th April

Date: 28th Apr 2020 @ 3:50pm

Maths - from Mr Harrison

L/O To solve problems using a range of strategies

It's another session of pure problem solving today! 4 challenges are in the maths file that
is attached. No peeking at the answers until you are finished!

More maths? Here’s a range of games from nrich.

Spellings - from Mr Harrison

We have a set of Year 6 challenge words to recap this week.


Either create a word search wiyth your spellings in them, or create a treasure
hunt all over the house. You write each word on a different piece of paper and
hide them all over the house. Ask someone else to find them and for every word
they find - you have to spell it!

English (This work is for Wednesday and Thursday) - from Miss Harper

SPaG task

L.O: To use verbs and adverbs accurately

Open the document named: Animal Town. Use verbs and adverbs to describe
what each of the animals in the picture are doing. If you find it hard to think of

verbs and adverbs, there are two support sheets to help you called: adverb help
and verb help. As you are in Y6, your sentences must be interesting and well-
thought out, using your incredible imaginations and fantastic vocabulary. There
is a WAGOLL on the sheet to help you.

Keep this work in the ‘SPaG’ section of your folder.

Discussion/thinking task

L.O: To provide reasoned justifications for my views

Open the document named: Animal Town. Look at the section called:
Discussion/thinking task

Choose at least 4 of the questions and have a go at answering them. If there is
someone in the house that can do this with you, discuss the questions with them
(you can always tell your answers to a pet too, they are always good audiences).

If there is not someone you can go through the questions with, write your
answers down and keep this work in the ‘writing’ section of your folder.

To help you structure your reasons for your answers, use the sheet called:
sentence starter to help discussion.

Wider Curriculum - Science - from Miss Taylor

L.O: To recognise simple machines within your home and identify how the help make a task easier

Watch this video from Happy Learning Education. and read this fact sheet from Twinkl 

Draw yourself a simple chart like the one in the files and go on a Mechanisms Hunt through
out your house and see just how many simple mechanisms we use in our homes and
gardens. TOP TIP: Kitchens/gardens are a good place to start as lots of
cooking/gardening jobs are made easier with simple mechanisms such as tin openers and
cork screws - but PLEASE BE CAREFUL and tell and adult what you are doing.

Have you ever wondered why door handles are on the opposite side of the door to
the hinges? No, probably not – but now is the time to! Wash your hands and then try
opening a door by pushing it near to the hinges? What do you notice? Gradually work
your way towards the door handle? What do you notice? Which simple mechanism is at
work here? Now wash your hands again, just to be on the safe side!

Happy hunting from Miss Taylor

Healthy Eating – From Mrs Conroy

Do you remember when Helen Ruckledge came in and talked all the Year 6s about the
importance of healthy eating and the positive impact on our minds, bodies and general

Your task today (or this week) is to design, create and of course taste a healthy
smoothie. Give your smoothie an imaginative name and have some fun with the

1 banana
1tbsp (tablespoon) of porridge oats
A handful of strawberries
150ml of milk

1 tsp (teaspoon) of honey

Put all of the ingredients in a glass jug, blend and serve! Delicious!

I would love to see some photographs of your smoothie with a list of ingredients. You
can e-mail these into school.

Files to Download

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