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Writing, Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

At Dobcroft Junior School, it is our intent to provide pupils with a high-quality education in English lessons to ensure that by the end of KS2, pupils can communicate effectively in the world in which we live. Here at Dobcroft Junior School, we are lucky enough to educate incredibly creative and articulate children. With this is mind, our vision is to equip our pupils with the necessary language structures, tools and creativity to express themselves in a way that meets their full individual potential. In order to achieve this, we build on KS1 learning and progress by teaching the highest quality transcription, composition, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar lessons, throughout all of the year groups. We pride ourselves in providing inspiring opportunities for written and spoken language across a rich and broad curriculum in which children are immersed. We strive to encourage a love for writing and most importantly, foster creativity in order to generate lifelong writers. We ensure that this teaching extends into other areas of the curriculum, allowing children to regularly practise their English skills embedding our mastery style of teaching. Each year group’s punctuation and grammar objectives are taught in the Autumn term and mastered throughout the year, ready for the next academic year. The end goal is the ensure children are ready and energised for the KS3 curriculum.

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