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Remote Education English 04.10.21 - 08.10.21

Date: 4th Oct 2021 @ 12:40pm

Y4 English

Monday 04.10.21

LO: To analyse what makes a good story and exploring story openers.


Do you think it makes a good story?

How could you improve it?

Read through the Power point – Story Openers.

Pick 3 of the options E.g.

  1. Character description
  2. Question
  3. Fronted adverbial

Write a story opening sentence for each, thinking about a Roman story.


  1. The small, bony boy, with the sad, helpless eyes, sat in his cell waiting to hear how he would be punished.


Tuesday 05.10.21

LO: To analyse and up-level a piece of writing

Re-write the piece of writing to up-level – see PDF

Write it out again in the space underneath with improvements.

Can you add:

  1. A fronted adverbial
  2. 4 adjectives
  3. 2 expanded noun phrases
  4. A simile


Wednesday 06.10.21

LO: Plan a story with a historical setting

Using the Story plan PDF, plan what you want to happen in your own story about Roman soldiers..

In paragraph 1, you will need to introduce your characters.

In paragraph 2, you will need to explain the problem.

In paragraph 3, does the problem get solved?  D

Read the WAGOLL story for ideas.

Read the ‘How to write a good story’ PDF as well.


Thursday 07.10.21 and

Friday 08.10.21

LO: To write a story with a historical setting

Write your story from your plan.

Read the WAGOLL story again and then write your own amazing story.

Remember to check the success criteria (PDF) to make sure you have added all the features we have learnt so far this half term.

Illustrate your story if you have time.

Files to Download