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Year 6 Home Learning Friday 02.07.21

Date: 2nd Jul 2021 @ 4:51pm

Year 6 Homework

Date set: 02/07/21

To be completed by: Wednesday 07/07/21


Children in Year 6 are expected to complete 60 minutes of homework each week.

Please help and support your child wherever possible. However, your child should be able to complete the work independently as it is linked to objectives taught during the week at school.

Some homework is now set through online platforms, your child’s teacher is able to see if your child has completed tasks set and how well they have understood the task. Rewards will be given to children for completing homework on time.


Maths – 20 minutes

Please login to your My Maths account ( Please check with your child’s class teacher if they need a reminder of their password. The activities that your child’s teacher has set should be visible in their personal account.

Please contact us if there is an issue with the site via


Spellings – 20 minutes

Focus: Grammar Vocabulary

These need to be practised and your child will be tested on their spelling list every Thursday (Y6PH) or Friday (Y6CT & Y6TH)

·       modal

·       relative

·       pronoun

·       clause

·       parenthesis

·       bracket

·       cohesion

·       ambiguity

·       adverb

·       determiner

A visit to Spelling Shed will help keep your speed and accuracy of other words sharp. Visit for at least 10 minutes this week please.                             

For Parents: In addition to these ten words, the children can practise the Year 5/6 spelling list, which is words the children are expected to know how to spelling at the end of year 6, please log into Spelling Shed and click on Stage 5/6 to play games based around these words.


Times Tables – 10 minutes

A visit to Times Tables Rockstars will help keep your speed and accuracy of times tables sharp. Visit for at least 10 minutes this week please.

For parents: Children are expected to know their tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4. This knowledge needs to be retained and applied in a variety of mathematical contexts as they continue learning. Please ensure that tables knowledge is retained using Times Table Rockstars each week.



In addition to these: Reading

For parents: Please encourage your child to read with an adult at least 3 times per week for around 15 minutes. At this age, the time may be spent chatting about the text and the content of what they are reading rather than spending time decoding the text – you will know your child best in this respect.


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