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Year 3 Remote Education English 14.06.21

Date: 10th Jun 2021 @ 7:13pm


Monday 14.06.21

Lesson 1

LO: To take notes from a video

Warm up – Can you solve these SPAG questions?

Task 1 – look at the photo of this person. What can you infer about them? What would you like to find out?

Task 2 – watch this video. Watch it 2 more times and make notes on the sheet. You will need these notes later in the week.


Tuesday 15.06.21

Lesson 2

LO: To plan a recount

Warm up – can you answer these Spag questions correctly? Answers on the next page!

TASK Today - we’re going to take our notes from today and put them into rough paragraphs. Cut and stick the sentences into the planning grid. Work out what order you would put the information in each paragraph. Remember that it needs to be in Chronological order!


Wednesday 16.06.21

Lesson 3

LO: To turn notes into sentences

TASK - use your plan from yesterday and the notes from Lesson 1 to write a recount of Christina’s life. We have modelled the introduction for you. Remember that you should be writing in past tense, third person and chronological order. (see flipchart for success criteria) There are no subheadings in recounts.


Thursday 17.06.21

Lesson 4

LO: To edit and improve.

There is no flipchart for today. Ask a grown up to read your work from yesterday and highlight in pink your time adverbs, capital letters for Proper Nouns and past tense. They should highlight your corrections in green. Copy into neat once you are done.


Friday 18.06.21

Lesson 5

SPaG Mats – practise your Y3 SPaG skills today. Remember that your Spelling Shed words will also be loaded today as it is Friday.

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