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Year 3 Maths Week Beginning 13th July

Date: 22nd Jun 2020 @ 3:11pm

Maths Investigations

This week we have a series of maths investigations for you to attempt, they require a bit of thought and consideration. Don’t worry if you find them hard- they are intended to challenge you! Try to spend a little while thinking about how you will start each one. When you think you have solved a problem, ask yourself if that is the only answer. How can you check?

 You may find that you get really interested in one particular challenge and spend a long time exploring just one or two. Equally, you may find that you want to try to complete them all. Either way is fine, just try your best! If you have some work left over from the Summer Themed Maths Workbook from last week you can finish that too if you prefer!

Investigation Number 1

Coded Hundred Square.

A normal hundred square looks like this:

The hundred square below has been written in code.

It starts with one and ends with a hundred. You have been given some blocks that you piece back together to form the hundred square.

Can you build it up? Where will you start?

How did you do it?
Can you build it up in a different way?
Talk to a friend who has also tried building up the hundred square.  How did s/he do it?  What do you like about her/his method?

If you print off the sheet you can cut up the blocks of the hundred square and place them where you think they should go. How do you know?

There is an interactive version you can use here:


Investigation Number 2

A Mixed-up Clock

Can you work out where each number should go? Use the clues to solve the problem. There is a clock face with letters instead of numbers so you can write you answers on there.

Be sure to check your solution with the clues when you think you have solved it!

Investigation Number 3

Buying a Balloon

Lolla bought a balloon from a clown. She gave the clown six coins to pay for it. What could she have paid for the balloon? Use the sheet below to record your answers.

How will you be sure that you have found all the possibilities? Will you have a system?

You could try all the combinations with just 1ps and 2ps first. What would happen if you have 5ps as well?

Investigation Number 4 –

This is a shorter problem.

Super Shapes

A green triangle = 7, an orange square = 17.

The value of the red shape changes in each of problems. Can you work out what it is worth in each?

Investigation Number 5

Ordering Cards

Below is a series of cards. Can you arrange them so they follow round in a loop? The answer to one is the first number on another card.

Investigation Number 6

Journeys in Numberland

Tom and Ben were in Numberland in the county of Addition. The sheet below explains their journey as they travel between two points. There are also some grids for you to use.

You will need a pencil and a piece of paper to record your answers.

I know a few of you have completed the 20 maths challenges set on the 22nd June, well done! If you haven't completed them yet, keep going. When you do I will email you a certificate!

Well done for all your maths work over the last 3 1/2 months, we're really proud of your work from the blog and all of the mymaths and TTRockstars you have been doing. 

Happy investigating and have a great summer!

Mrs Scammell and the Y3 team :)

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