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Year 3 Home Learning 2/10

Date: 30th Sep 2020 @ 8:46pm

Hello everybody, this week you had an assembly about Pupils' Parliament. If you would like to put yourself forward as Pupils' Parliament rep, you need to prepare a short speech as part of your homework this week.

Part of being in Pupils' Parliament is being confident to stand up infront of the class and communicate information.

You need to tell your class:

  • Who you are
  • Why you would be a good Pupils' Parliament Rep
  • What you would like to improve at school.

The elections will take place early next week - good luck!!

- NB please remember that you are unable to put yourself forward for election if you were in School Council at DIS. 

Homelearning Task

This week we would like you to log onto your BugClub account and enjoy reading one of the books on there. Remember to answer the comprehension questions as you go! 


Spelling adding ing suffix "take off the e add ing"

make = making

bake = baking

hope = hoping

poke = poking

smile = smiling

write = writing

charge = charging

celebrate = celebrating

evaluate = evaluating

create = creating