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Y6 Remote Education Wider Curriculum, Reading, PSHE, PE 05.07.21

Date: 2nd Jul 2021 @ 1:30pm

Wider Curriculum - Art

LO: To use drawing techniques to create texture

Watch these clips for information on how to create texture in drawing:

Step by step guides to wood, brick and stone/rocks:

Step by step guides to roof tiles (from 6:50):

Create a page of squares on the grid sheet and copy some different textures in each – use the info sheets to help you.

Try various textures out on the city scape image – use the info sheets to help you again.


Tasks 1, 2 and 3


PSHE – Anti-Bullying

Watch the video:

This is a good video about why a bully might be bullying and understanding their motive.

Watch this clip about girls playing football:

Why might boys think girls cannot/should not play football?

What sports does the world view as boys’ sports or girls’ sports?

On the Anti-bullying sheet, write down lists of what you think are girls’ sports and boys’ sports in the Venn diagram.   Do any go in the middle?

Look at your lists.  How would you feel if you were told you couldn’t do any of these?



Task 1 – Joe Wicks 5 minute workout

Task 2 – Fitness Stations


Files to Download

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