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Y6 Remote Education English Wk Beg 04.05.21

Date: 29th Apr 2021 @ 6:44pm


Tuesday 04.05.21

Lesson 1

LO: To select appropriate wartime vocabulary

See pictures of the aftermath of The Blitz across the country.

Write words, sentences and phrases about what you can see on the pictures.

Use the WW2 word mat to help you.


Wednesday 05.05.21

Lesson 2

LO: To identify how to describe settings and atmosphere

Listen to the clip and watch the different pictures.

How do you think would you have felt hearing these noises?

Go through the ‘Recount’ text and highlight examples of setting description in one colour and atmosphere in an alternate colour.



Thursday 06.05.21

Lesson 3

LO: To analyse poems for figurative language

Read the wartime poem ‘The Street’. 

Within the , there are examples of the types of figurative language we have focused on so far in previous English lessons.

Print out the poem and highlight the figurative language you can see and annotate the techniques.

See the WAGOLL for examples of techniques.


Friday 07.05.21

Lesson 4

LO: To analyse poems for personification


  • It gives objects human qualities. 
  • It helps us to visualise descriptive phrases and words.

Read through the powerpoint explaining more about personification.

Task 1

Look at the three different poems based on the Blitz. 

Each poem has many examples of personification. 

Can you use a highlighter to identify the examples? 

Can you annotate the poems explaining why the author has used personification to describe an event? 

Task 2

You are going to create your own short paragraph that includes examples of personification about The Blitz.

Go back to Lesson 3 for techniques to include in your writing.

Go back to lesson 1 for the word mat with vocab you could use.

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