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Y6 Remote Education English 28.06.21

Date: 25th Jun 2021 @ 2:36pm


Monday 28.06.21

LO: To edit a formal letter of persuasion

Using your formal letter of persuasion to Mr Fredericksson from the City Council that you wrote at the end of last week, edit your work and write it out neatly in your best handwriting.

Use the editing checklist to make sure you have included everything that you should have.


Tuesday 29.06.21

LO: To generate ideas for a letter

Use the images as a prompt to create a mind map of ideas for what Karl would say back to the council.

Consider the possibilities

  • No – and he rejects all of their suggestions
  • Yes – and he accepts their offer
  • Yes – but he wants a better offer.

Option 2 might not give you a lot to write about though!

Can you use any of the subjunctive form?  Read through the PowerPoint to remind you about the subjunctive mood.


Wednesday 30.06.21

LO: To plan a formal letter of persuasion.

Using the mind map from the previous lesson, plan your formal letter of persuasion from Mr Frederickson to the City Council, on the planning sheet.

Try and use a range of punctuation as this is an assessed piece of writing.  Really show off everything you know to include.


Thursday 01.07.21

LO: To create a formal letter of persuasion

Create a first draft of your letter from Mr Frederickson to the City Council, using your plan from the previous lesson and check you have included the correct information from the success criteria.


Friday 02.07.21

Assess your work from the previous lesson against the basic editing checklist and the success criteria to ensure that every feature has been included in your writing.

Then, create a final draft.

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