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Y6 Remote Education English 24.05.21

Date: 20th May 2021 @ 6:15pm


Monday 24.05.21

Lesson 1

LO: To plan a setting description

Plan your own setting description based on the event during the Blitz that you have researched. Use the same format we have used previously, to identify phrases or words relating to the five senses.

See Task sheet.


Tuesday 25.05.21 and Wednesday 26.05.21

Lesson 2 and 3

LO: To write a setting description

Read through the powerpoint to remind you about writing setting descriptions.

Using the Editing Checklist and the planning sheet, write a setting description that describes the event you have chosen.

Can you use the wartime vocabulary you collected at the start of the topic.


Thursday 27.05.21

Lesson 4

LO: To edit a setting description

With a highlighter and green pen, work your way through your setting description and annotate aspects of the success criteria you have included. Look for ways in which your writing could be improved.


Friday 28.05.21

Lesson 5

LO: Spag Test

Complete the test and mark your work with the answer sheet.

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