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Y6 Reading, Wider Curriculum, PE and PSHE Week beginning 16.11.20

Date: 12th Nov 2020 @ 12:48pm

Y6 Reading

Week beginning 16.11.20

These are all 60 second reads:

Task 1 – My journey into space

Task 2 – Nine facts about planet nine

Task 3 – The meteor shower

Task 4 – The Space Times


Y6 Wider Curriculum – Computing

Week beginning 16.11.20

Computing – Excel spreadsheets

LO: To create formulae to perform the more complex operations

Read through the PowerPoint presentation to recap last lesson’s learning and to follow step by step instructions for using the AutoSum feature and the Average feature.

Your task is then to complete the blue and yellow boxes in the Hockey Match spreadsheet.



Week beginning 16.11.20

Task 1

LO: To make and hold yoga poses with control

Follow the power point making the yoga poses as you go along. 

Follow the instructions carefully and time how long you can hold the poses for (without wobbling!).  If any poses do not feel comfortable or cause a pain – don’t so them.

Task 2

LO: To improve your level of fitness

Choose 10 activities on the Fun Fitness Bingo PDF and try to do each for 1 minute, having a 20 seconds rest in between.  Then, have a 1 minute rest and choose another 10 activities and repeat as before.


Forward punches – 1 minute, 20 seconds rest.

Frog jumps – 1 minute, 20 seconds rest.




Week Beginning 16.11.20

LO:  Creativity

One of our school values for this half term is ‘Creativity’. 

What kinds of creative thinking do you need to design a new machine?

Watch this short clip about machines, relating to WW2.

Complete the creativity task, which is to invent your own machine.

Read through and follow the instructions and then have a go at designing your own machine.

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