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Y6 Reading, PSHE, Wider Curriculum, PE Week beginning 30.12.20

Date: 27th Nov 2020 @ 10:54am

Y6 Reading

Week beginning 30.11.20

Task 1  

Task 2


Y6 Wider Curriculum – Science

Week beginning 30.11.20

LO: To recognise electrical symbols and use these to draw circuit diagrams

Read through the PowerPoint presentation to learn and practise the electrical symbols.

Your task is then to complete one of the sheets by labelling the items in the pre-drawn circuit diagrams and then to draw circuit diagrams to include the items mentioned. The sheet with 1 star is the easiest and the 3-star sheet is the most challenging.



Week beginning 30.11.20

Task 1

LO: To improve level of fitness

Copy this link into your web browser.

The Youth Sports Trust has launched a daily online session.

The schedule is:

  • Adventure Monday
  • Tuesday Play
  • Wild Wednesday
  • Thinking Thursday
  • Fun Friday

Sessions will be run by Athlete Mentors from different backgrounds, abilities and sports and it’s not just aimed at physical fitness.

Click on one of the ‘After School Club’ links for a workout of your choice.

Task 2

LO: To apply skills and knowledge to be able to move with the ball.

See the PDF named ‘PE Football skills’ Have a go at the activities, trying to keep control of the ball throughout the session.



Week Beginning 30.11.20

LO: Creativity

Being creative can depend on how you think about things.

Read through the ‘A Question for Thought’ pdf trying to think carefully about the questions being asked.

The questions at the end could be found out using the internet or any books you might have at home, or they might just require some creative thinking!

Can you create with a good question for a family member to answer?

E.g. How has life changed from when you were my age?

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