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Y6 Reading, PSHE, Wider Curriculum, PE Week beginning 14.12.20

Date: 11th Dec 2020 @ 4:50pm

Y6 Reading

Week beginning 14.12.20

Task 1 – Non fiction

Task 2 – Fiction


Y6 Wider Curriculum

Week beginning 14.12.20

Task 1 - D & T                                              

L.O: To make a Christmas gift box

Print out the Santa Gift Box Christmas decoration

Cut out the shapes along the bold lines and follow the guidelines at the bottom when folding and gluing the different parts.

Task 2 - Art

L.O.: To use cutting to create paper snowflakes

Take a look at the snowflake instructions – there are 4 different snowflakes to make, or you could make your own.

Create lots of paper snowflakes to decorate your house or bedroom and make it feel wintery!


Task 3 - Music

Learn the words to the carols and try singing along to them on the youtube links:

•             Away in a Manger

•             Deck the Hall

•             Silent Night

•             Christmas Tree

•             Jingle Bells (Only the chorus)

•             We Wish you a Merry Christmas


Winter activities

It’s almost the holidays! Enjoy doing some winter or Christmas themes activities.

There are some colouring sheets and word searches. Have a lovely holiday!



Week beginning 14.12.20

Task 1

LO: To improve your level of fitness

Watch the link to The 12 days of fitness:

Can you keep going for the whole song?


Task 2

LO: To improve your level of fitness

Watch the links to the Christmas Just Dance:

Follow the moves to the Christmas tunes and have fun!



Week Beginning 14.12.20

LO: To explore other countries’ traditions and cultures

Read the power point which tells you all about how other countries celebrate Christmas.

Choose 2 different countries and complete the task using information you have found out from the power point (PSHE - Christmas Around the World Writing Frames).

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