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Y6 Reading, PSHE, Wider Curriculum, PE Week beginning 04.01.21

Date: 2nd Jan 2021 @ 10:30am

Y6 Reading

Week beginning 04.01.21

Task 1 - Non-fiction  - choose 1, 2 or 3 star option

Task 2  - Fiction – Choose 1, 2 or 3 start option


Y6 Wider Curriculum

Week beginning 04.01.21

LO: To calculate the mean, mode, median and range of data


  • Mode – the value that appears the most
  • Median – the value in the middle if all values are in order
  • Mean – The sum of the values divided by the number of values
  • Range – the highest value, subtract the lowest value

Use the data of the spelling test scores on the excel sheet to fill in the Mode, median, mean and range for each child and then for each week.  Can you use a formula for each one?

You learnt how to use the formula function for the mean in school.

You can use a similar function for median and mode the same way as the mean.  Instead of typing the word ‘average’ you type ‘mode’ and ‘median’.  ‘Range’ is a bit different.  See the picture below for the formula.

Email your teacher if you have any problems with this.

Use your new data to answer the questions.



Week beginning 04.01.21

Task 1

LO: To improve level of fitness

Have a look through the PDF named ‘PE fitness stations’.

Choose a space that is safe to do some exercise in your house.

Spend 60 seconds performing one exercise and have 60 seconds rest. Count how many you did or how long you could do without stopping and write it down.

Repeat until you have had a go at all of the exercises.

Keep your scores somewhere safe to see if you can improve on them next time.

Task 2

LO: To improve level of fitness

Follow the 5 – 5 minute workout cards, doing each 1 for a minute.

Have a 30 second rest between each one.

Do this 4 times so you are exercising for 20 minutes.



Week Beginning 04.01.21

LO: Responsibility


Pause the video to think about the questions being asked and write down your thoughts.

As humans, are we always responsible for what we do because we have control over our characters?

Is there any part of your character you feel you don’t have control over?



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