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Y6: Monday 4th May

Date: 1st May 2020 @ 2:51pm


L/O To use the language of ratio and identify ratios- Mr Harrison

Watch this BBC Bitesize video and read the website as an introduction to ratio.

Find two different groups of things – it may be mugs and glasses in the kitchen, red Lego and blue Lego in your bedroom, adult shoes and children’s shoes in the hall...

Show the ratio 1:2 using your objects. Try to use this language when you make your group – “The ratio of ____ to ____ is 1 to 2” Now make the ratio 2:4. Now try 3:6, then 4:8. What do you notice about all these ratios? Can you spot a link to times tables?


Make the ratio 2:3. What other amounts use the same ratio?

Make the ratio 3:1. What other amounts use the same ratio?  


Have a go at some of these worksheets to practise ratio skills:


There are more ratio challenges attached if you are ready for them.


English (these tasks are for Monday and Tuesday)- Miss Harper

Reading activity

L.O: To make comparisons

1) Read the text: Restaurant Reviews

2) If there are any words you are unsure of, get yourself a dictionary to help you to understand. You could even get a thesaurus and add in a synonym over the top of the word to help you. If you do not have any of those resources to hand at home, and are good online resources to use.

3) On page 2 of Restaurant Reviews, there is a sheet you can print off to fill in, or you can just write on a plain piece of paper.

4) Each review is quite different. One review really liked the restaurant and the other did not like the restaurant. Your task is to compare the two reviews about Pete’s Pie Paradise. Compare the two reviews by identifying sentences that talk about the atmosphere, the staff, the food and the bill. 

5) Check your answers by opening the sheet named: Answers for Restaurant Review

Keep this work in the ‘reading’ section of your folder.

Here are some sentence starters to help you.

Atmosphere: The five-star review suggests that… ; however, the one-star review suggests that…

Staff: The two reviews differ. The five-star review explained that…on the other hand, the one-star review explained that…

Food: Another way in which they differ is because the five-star review explains that…whereas, the one-star review explains that

The bill: Both reviews differ because the five-star review suggests that…however, the one-star review suggests that…

SPaG activity

L.O: To identify prepositions and prepositional phrases

  1. Go through the PowerPoint named: Prepositions.
  2. Complete the quiz questions at the end of the PowerPoint
  3. For an extra challenge, complete the Prepositional Phrases worksheet. The answers are on the second page for you to check after you have had a go.

Top tips to help you

  1. A preposition/prepositional phrase usually tells you where something is but it can also tell you the time or place of something.
  2. A prepositional phrase is like a preposition. The only difference is that a prepositional phrase has more than one word.
    For example: The man sat on the mat.
  3. The word usually describes the relationship between two nouns.
    For example: The man and the mat are both nouns. The prepositional phrase tells us where the man is in relation to the mat.

Keep this work in the ‘SPaG’ section of your folder.


Physical Activity – From Mrs Conroy

Today’s challenge:

Let’s kick start the week with a Joe Wick’s workout!

Joe Wicks daily live stream PE lesson

RE – From Mrs Conroy

Focus: Christianity

Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on Earth?

Lesson 3

LO: To consider the influence of Christianity

Task 1

These are the Christian teachings - The 10 Commandments.

Read through the 10 commandments The file is called: Commandments

Thinking / discussing activity:

Where do you still see these having an impact in our world?

Number each commandment from 1 to 10. Order the commandments in terms of importance from most important to you to least important.

Task 2

These are 4 Christian charities:

  1. Christian Aid
  2. CAFOD
  3. Traid Craft
  4. The Salvation Army

Research the aims, objectives and the work of one of the 4 charities.

Then, design a poster to inform other people of their work.

Success criteria:

  • name of the charity
  • images of their work
  • a brief explanation of what it does
  • the main aims of the charity
  • how their work links to the Christian teachings (10 commandments)


You could design an electronic poster, a PowerPoint or draw by hand.

I would love to see your posters. Please do e-mail into school if you can.

Files to Download

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