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Y6: Monday 27th April

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 8:03am

Good Morning Y6 😊 Here are your home learning activities for Monday and Tuesday.


L/O To solve problems using a range of strategies

It's pure problem solving today! 4 challenges are in the maths file that is attached. No peaking at the answers until you are finished!

More maths? Here’s a great investigation from nrich!

Mr Harrison

Reading activity (these 3 reading tasks are for Monday and Tuesday)

Task 1

L.O: To maintain a positive attitude to reading

Have a go at reading the attachment named: The Tale of Two Doves. This is a short story set in Ancient China. There are different versions: 1 star is the easiest, 3 star is more challenging.
Ignore the question sheets for now, they are part of a different task.

Task 2

L.O: To explore the meaning of words in context

Choose at least three words from the story that you cannot explain the meaning to. If you cannot find any words, you have not chosen a challenging enough story. You may need to read the next star up (3 star is the most challenging).
Once you have chosen the words you are unsure of, find the meaning of them and write them in a sentence.
If you can explain what the words mean without using a dictionary, write them in a sentence and check whether you have got the definitions correct afterwards.

Keep your work in the ‘reading’ section of your folder.


My word is forbidden.
Forbidden means not allowed/banned.
I am forbidden to go out of the house for unnecessary reasons.

Task 3

L.O: To use all the end of KS2 reading skills (clarifying, inference, retrieval, explaining and summarising) 

Now it is time to see how much of the story you have fully understood. Choose which questions you feel confident answering. In the same file as The Tale of Two Doves, there are 3 sets of questions. 1 star is the easiest and 3 star is the most challenging.
Give yourself 5-10 minutes to read the story again. Give yourself 15-20 minutes to answer the questions as best as you can. Check your answers once you have completed the questions.

If you cannot print the question sheets, write the answers on a piece of paper. Keep your work in the ‘reading’ section of your folder.

Miss Harper

RE: Lesson 2: From Mrs Conroy

Focus: Christianity

Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on Earth

LO: To consider if festivals and symbols show the strength of Christianity

Task 1

Discuss or think about the following question:

How do the following Christian festivals affect your life?

How do you / Christians celebrate?

  • Easter (Good Friday & Easter Sunday) – we eat lots of chocolate!
  • St Paul’s Day
  • Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) – the girls make pancakes
  • Harvest Festival – we donate food to a local food bank and reflect on how fortunate we are.
  • Lent – this year I gave up chocolate for (almost) all of lent!
  • Christmas – my favourite time of the year – I love spending time with my family and giving gifts. We also go to our local church for the crib service and enjoy singing carols, baking mince pies and decorating our Christmas tree.
  • Pentecost

Task 2

Download the resource and then match the Christian symbols with their definitions.

Resource: Lesson 2 Christian Symbols

Deepening Challenge

Where have you seen these symbols?

Under each symbol identify where you have seen these symbols.


Physical Activity – from Mrs Conroy

Did you complete the 2.6 challenge? If you did really well done!

I ran 8 miles (2 + 6), Elsa and Martha ran 2.6 miles through Chatsworth Park and my husband ran 26 miles up to Baslow edge and back 13 times! We raised almost £500 for the MNDA charity which is just fantastic! I would love to hear about your challenges.

Today’s challenge:

Let’s kick start the week with a Joe Wick’s workout!

Joe Wicks daily live stream PE lesson

Files to Download

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