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Y6: Monday 11th May

Date: 9th May 2020 @ 2:43pm

Maths – from Mr Harrison

L/O To solve ratio problems using multiplication and division

This is the video that we looked at about ratio

Last time, we looked at drawing pictures or bar models to help solve problems. You'll need that skill today to help solve the problems I'm setting.

Use one of the attached worksheets to tackle some ratio problems for at least 20 minutes - they are 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on what level of challenge you would like!

Want more maths? Here’s a game to play with a partner – perhaps a parent or sibling – or yourself if you want to complete with you! Don’t worry if you can’t print out the board game – you could draw it yourself on paper to play!

English (these tasks are for Monday and Tuesday) from Miss Harper

Spoken language activity

L.O: To articulate and justify answers, arguments, and opinions

Choose one of these statements to begin your thinking:

The X Factor is bad for the music industry

Primary school pupils should not be given homework

People should support their local football teams instead of a famous one

Teachers should wear school uniform

Teachers should be replaced by robots

Use this WAGOLL to help you to structure your argument/opinion

  1. Choose which statement you are going to argue for or against with your opinions
  2. Follow the PEE structure below to make at least 2 arguments with your opinions.


I have chosen to argue against the statement: Teachers should be replaced by robots

1st argument

Point: (Make a point about your chosen statement). Teachers should not be replaced by robots because robots do not have the same emotions as a teacher.

Explain: (Explain your reason for the point you have just made). Teachers that get to know their students are the teachers that are the most effective. It is important that teachers understand their students’ emotions because student’s cannot learn if they are upset or worried about something.

Example: (Give an example that backs up your point and explanation). If a child is upset about something that happened before the school day started, a teacher would be able to talk to their student about their worries and help them. However, a robot would not be able to do that.

2nd  argument

Point: Robots do not have the ability to talk about anything and everything. 

Explain: As a teacher, it is vital that we have good communication skills. We must be able to talk to other staff, parents and a variety of other people. All of those conversations differ, and a teacher must be able to adapt and speak to different people about different things. A robot has certain words/responses programmed into them so that they can answer questions.

Example: If a parent needed to talk to a teacher about something private, the teacher would be able to facilitate this and ensure that the situation is dealt with properly. A robot would not be able to do this as a robot cannot pick up on whether a conversation is private or not.

Keep this work in the ‘Writing’ section of your folder.

SPaG activity

L.O: To proofread for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors

1) Open the file named: SPaG Crime Scene Investigation. The sheet explains what your task is. Use all the proof-reading/editing skills that you have developed over the past year. You have become experts at it, which will help you find all the answers.

2) Once you have completed the sheet. Mark it using the file named: Answers to SPaG Crime Scene Investigation. 

Keep this work in the ‘SPaG’ section of your folder.

RE – From Mrs Conroy

Focus: Christianity

Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on Earth?

Lesson 4

LO: To evaluate the success of the Christian religion

Jesus was a very influential man in his day. 

2020 year after his birth, his life, death and teachings still influence much in our lives.

Thinking / discussing task

Do you think that this shows that Christianity is a strong religion or do you believe that other religions are stronger?

Do you believe that you need a religion in your life to do “good” in the world?

Task 1

What good in our world is needed now, especially given that the world is subject to the global pandemic of the Coronavirus?

Design your own 10 commandments for our world today. You could be creative and draw on your artistic skills, or use your IT skills.

This is the last lesson of your Christianity study for this half term. 

We would love it if you could write and share your 3 favourite commandments in the notes part of the blog.

My 3 favourite commandments would be:

  1. Kindness
  2. Patience
  3. Being thankful

Physical Activity – From Mrs Conroy

Today’s challenge:

Let’s kick start the week with a Joe Wick’s workout!

Joe Wicks daily live stream PE lesson


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