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Y6: Friday 24th April

Date: 23rd Apr 2020 @ 3:44pm

Maths from Mr Harrison

L/O To recap learning on perimeter, area and volume

Time for a recap. The attached sheet is one of our end-or-unit reviews.

If you feel that you’d like to recap learning about perimeter area and volume, click these links. (Pages 1 to 6) (Pages 1 to 3)

Once confident, tackle the sheet – if you can’t print it out, just jot your answers on a piece of paper. Answers are attached as well, but no peeking yet!

More maths? Here’s another game from nrich.

English from Miss Harper

Reading activity

L.O: To maintain a positive attitude to reading by reading a play 

Read another playscript: this is based on Hinduism helping us to learn about different cultures and religions. The attachment is called: Rama and Sita Playscript. 

There are three different versions of the playscript. 1 star, 2 star and 3 star. Choose which one you want to read (3 star is the most challenging). 

Writing activity

L.O: To use the features of a play script

Now it is your turn to create your own playscript. It is up to you how long you make it. It can be just one scene or it can be a collection of scenes making up a whole play. Firstly, you must choose your topic. Some ideas include: a day in the life of you (including your house and family), a family trip (including your family members going somewhere), a day in the life of your pet (your pet being the main character). 

Up to now, you will have read two different playscripts, analysed a playscript and had a go at writing a section of one. You are now an expert. 

Using the success criteria named: play script success criteria, write your own and even have a go at acting it out when you’ve finished. You could even be creative and try and get some costumes together for it.  

Wider Curriculum – History 1 from Miss Taylor

L.O: to create a timeline of events leading up to WW2

Studying World War 2 is different to studying the other periods of history that you’ve studied so far: many people who were children during WW2 are still alive today so it is still in living memory. It is also a time where life changed dramatically for people in a very short amount of time. 

Watch this BBC Class Clips Video and complete the following tasks. Have this WORLD MAP to hand to understand the geography of the war. 

Task 1: Create a timeline to show when the events covered in the film clip (starting during Victorian times). The Victorian Era was from 1937 -1901 so you should start your time line at the year 1900 and finish in the year 1940 (just after the start of the war) – going up in 5s or 10s depending on your space. Once you have your timeline in place, re-watch the video and add in all the main events that led up to World War 2. 

Use Time Line for your timeline if you want a scaffold.

If you’re drawing your own, use a nice long sheet of paper and try and spread your dots out more evenly than mine! You could be more creative and use chalk on a path (ask permission though first please), peg dates and events onto your washing line etc. Please take a photo of non paper-based timelines as you’ll need to refer to it later.
Task 2: Life changed dramatically for people throughout this time – a bit like at the moment. Start a mind-map of how WW2 changed the life of men, women and children from what you’ve seen in this video. We’ll add to it over the next few weeks.

Physical Activity: THE 2.6 CHALLENGE from Mrs Conroy

The 2.6 challenge is launched this Sunday – this should have been the date of the London 2020 Marathon, but like many other fundraising events it has been postponed to later in the year due to the Coronavirus. In response, this fantastic fundraising event has been launched to encourage people to take part in the 2.6 challenge so that funds can still be raised for charitable causes.

All you need to do is think of an activity that suits your skills based around the number 2.6 or 26. This could be a 2.6 mile run or 26 cartwheels or even 260 burpees!. Once you have completed the challenge you could donate some of your pocket money, or even ask for sponsorship so that we can continue to support UK charities.
The website above gives lots of ideas about activities and how to donate. Even if you are unable to donate it would be wonderful to complete the challenge and for Dobcroft Junior School to be involved.

My husband is going to run up to Baslow edge 26 times (I think he’s a bit crazy!) – he will obviously ensures he maintains social distancing and will choose a quiet time of the day. Elsa, Martha and I are going to run 2.6 miles and we are going to donate to the MND (Motor Neurone Charity). 

I will let you know how we get on and will post an update on Twitter on Sunday.

I can’t wait to hear of your ideas.

Enjoy the 2.6 Challenge!


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