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Y6 English Week beginning 30.11.20

Date: 27th Nov 2020 @ 10:29am

Y6 English

Monday 30.11.20

LO:  Possessive Apostrophes

Read through the power point (30.11.20 - Possessive apostrophes PP).

Correct the pdf where there are mistakes or missing words.


Tuesday 01.12.20

LO: To recognise the subjunctive form

Read through the power point (Subjunctive form).

Complete the worksheet – Identifying the subjunctive form.

See answers on the separate sheet.

*Challenge – Can you give advice using the subjunctive form in your answer to these statements?

1. I don’t know what to buy my dad for Christmas this year.

2. I don’t know what to do at the weekend, whether to go for a bike ride or a walk.

3. How can I decide which 3 households I should join with at Christmas?

4. Should I use the Brussel sprout wrapping paper or sparkly robins wrapping paper for my Christmas presents?


Wednesday 02.12.20 and Thursday 03.12.20

LO: To identify and explain the differences between formal and informal writing.

Read through and follow the instructions on the Formal and Informal power point.  You will need a piece of paper and something to write with for slide 9 and slide 12.

Complete the tables using your knowledge of formal and informal texts.

(02.12.20-Activity Sheet Formal and Informal Text Types).


Friday 04.12.20

LO: To plan out ideas for a non-chronological report

Read through the power point - 04.12.20 -Lesson Presentation Writing Reports.

Read the information on ‘04.12.20 –Voyager Information Sheet’.

Complete the task on either the *, ** or *** sheet (04.12.20 -Activity Sheet Non-Chronological Report).

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