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Y6 English Week Beginning 16.11.20

Date: 13th Nov 2020 @ 12:20pm

Y6 English

Monday 16.11.20

LO: To plan a narrative with a focus on embedding dialogue and developing cohesion

Use the planning sheet to plan a narrative based on the images. Follow the headings on the sheet to plan your ideas.

How will you ensure cohesion throughout your narrative?

E.g. Could you refer to the water at each stage of planning?

How does it feel?  How does she feel about it?


Tuesday 17.11.20

LO: To write a narrative with a focus on embedding dialogue and developing cohesion

Your task is to write a narrative of the girl (or boy if you’d rather) setting out of a boat journey, being caught up in the story seas and eventually reaching dry land.

Try to incorporate the work we have done on cohesion and bring in the excellent stormy vocabulary that we’ve looked at over the Mousehole Cat. Use the success criteria to ensure you are including skills you need to show in Y6 writing - look at this as you write and as you edit your writing.

You should spread this out over the week, changing paragraphs whenever you change place, time, mood or event.


Tuesday – write paragraphs for the 1st and 2nd images.

Wednesday – Edit yesterday’s writing, write paragraph(s) for image 3.

Thursday – Edit 3rd paragraph(s), write paragraphs for images 4 and 5.

Friday – Edit final paragraphs, then read the whole narrative.  Can you make any improvements?

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