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Y6 English Week beginning 09.11.20

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 8:27pm

Y6 English – This is very similar to last week’s remote education.  If you find you are repeating work exactly, skip to Friday’s lesson and start writing your narrative.  You may need to do Thursday’s work if you haven’t got your plan.  Print out the success criteria to check you are including everything you should.

Monday 09.11.20

LO: To integrate dialogue to advance the action and describe character


Complete the task by filling in the boxes with the dialogue.

Read the instructions in the boxes next to the pictures and use the words to help you.


Create dialogue to show how determined she is to keep going and reach her goal.

“I have to keep going, even though the tide is against me!” the girl cried into the howling wind.


Tuesday 10.11.20

LO: To use visual imagery to create atmosphere.

Task 1

Create 4 passive sentence based upon the video from yesterday.

Start the off like this:

The boat was… by the…

The oar was… by the…

The lady was… by the…

Task 2

Pick a picture from yesterday and create a short paragraph of at least three sentences that creates a certain atmosphere through using a particular form of imagery such as simile or metaphor.

(Similes: use 'like' to compare to something else

Metaphors: state that something IS something else)



The insignificant boat was tossed among the waves by the aggressive tide, like a ball being thrown by an angry child…




Wednesday 11.11.20

LO: To use adverbials to create cohesive phrases

Adverbial phrases are cohesive devices that help a text stick together.

They tell us HOW, WHERE, HOW LONG or WHY something happened.


Use the images to create sentences, each using an adverbial for one of the different reasons (how, where, how long, why).


Thursday 12.11.20

LO: To plan a narrative with a focus on embedding dialogue and developing cohesion

Use the planning sheet to plan a narrative based on the images.

Follow the headings on the sheet to plan your ideas.

How will you ensure cohesion throughout your narrative?

E.g. Could you refer to the water at each stage of planning?

How does it feel?  How does she feel about it?


Friday 13.11.20

LO: To write a narrative with a focus on embedding dialogue and developing cohesion

Use your planning sheet from yesterday to write your narrative based on the images.

Make sure you have cohesion throughout your narrative.

Check the success criteria pdf to make sure you have included everything you should have.

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