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Y6 English Week beginning 04.01.21

Date: 2nd Jan 2021 @ 11:36am

Y6 English

Monday 04.01.21

LO:  To analyse writing for persuasive features.


(It is midway down webpage)

  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the atmosphere?
  • How is this achieved?

Print out the Success Criteria PDF and the Phrases PDF.

Cut out and stick your favourite phrases next to the success criteria boxes, matching them up with the correct features.

Cut out and stick at least 2 phrases for each feature.


Tuesday 05.01.21

LO: To explore structure of a persuasive text.

Label the different areas of the advert (choose the * or *** option, depending on how confident you feel), using the ‘How to structure a text’ guide.  Highlight and label the different features the advert has.

E.g. Does the opening have a question?


Wednesday 06.01.21

LO: To identify vocabulary that reflects what writing requires.

Explore the map of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP Map PDF).

  • What features does the park have?
  • What might attract a visitor to the park?

Sort the different features into ‘audiences’ – who would like each thing?

E.g. Children might not be interested in a car park – but adults may be interested in a convenient way to travel.

Write the features in the correct boxes on the ‘Audiences’ PDF.


Thursday 07.01.21 and Friday 08.01.21

LO: To use punctuation for parenthesis.

Read through and follow the instructions on the Y5 spelling, punctuation and grammar revision power point. 

Use sentence stems to add persuasive parenthesis – Parenthesis task PDF.

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