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Y6 English week beginning 08.04.21

Date: 1st Mar 2021 @ 3:29pm

Persuasive Theme Park Writing

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be revisiting persuasive writing. Our writing will be leading up to a leaflet to persuasive people (children and adults) to visit a theme park!

Monday 8th March

L/O - To create and collate ideas for writing

  • You will start by cutting and sticking the different images into your book creating a 'scrapbook' effect packed full of names of rides, phrases and ideas for writing.
  • Following on from our previous power of three lesson, you will create your own sentences that describe the different images. In addition to this, try to look back on the success criteria and use some of the techniques when creating your own phrases. 
  • As a challenge can you add mixed levels of formality in to your writing? What must be included formally, and what can be playful?

Tuesday 9th March

L/O To plan a persuasive brochure.

Today you will be planning a brochure all about your own theme park! 

Stick both sheets of the plan on a double page spread.

  • Begin to think of a clear title, perhaps with an idiom or a catchy title.
  • Create an opening, what will be the three main selling points of your theme park? These will be repeated throughout the text to ensure the reader remembers them.
  • Begin thinking and writing what points you plan to make.
  • Create a conclusion to round off your persuasive piece of text. Ensure you repeat the different points and cohesively link them in throughout the writing.

See attached planning structure

As you are planning your notes for your persuasive writing, have the success criteria next to you so that you can add in different writing techniques along the way. 

As a challenge, can you try to make different paragraphs have a different sense of audience – paragraphs for parents/children/all?

Verbs in present tense

Reasons for viewpoint

Each reason developed further with detail, facts and examples

Expression of conviction (undoubtedly, obviously)

Title implies point of view

Opinions expressed as fact

Rhetorical questions used to focus the reader

Main idea introduced in opening paragraph

Strong, emotive and exaggerated language

Thursday 11th March 

L/O - To write a persuasive text (1st Draft)

Today you will be creating your 1st draft all about your theme park 


  • The aim for your writing today is to try and make the notes you have made in your planning join together through cohesion.
  • Read the greater depth example provided for you last week, try to use this as a model when using the notes you have made in your plan and convert them into your writing.
  • I would suggest writing your first draft on a separate lined piece of paper so that you can write and look at your plan at the same time. Then this can be stuck in when you have written it and there when you begin writing your final draft.
  • Challenge: Can you create different paragraphs that have a different sense of audience – paragraphs for parents/children/all?

Friday 12th March 

L/O - To edit a persuasive text (Final Draft)

  • When you work through your persuasive writing please make sure that you try and follow the success criteria and include language techniques at every opportunity.
  • We are looking to see sketches, pictures, fab handwriting, colouring and a beautifully presented double page spread!

We can’t wait to see your imagination and creativeness shown throughout these persuasive pieces of writing! Good luck :)


Y6 Team

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