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Y4 Remote Education English 28.06.21

Date: 25th Jun 2021 @ 2:16pm

It is assessment week for year 4 this week.

There are several assessments to complete – try to work as independently as you can.

Mark your work with the answer sheets and then try to make a note of questions you found really difficult and let your parent and teacher know what they are.



Monday 28.06.21 and 29.06.21

LO: To complete a reading test.

Day 1 - Work your way through the reading test booklet.

Work for 45 minutes and then check your answers of what you have done.

Day 2 - Continue through to the end of the booklet, finishing answering all of the questions.

Check the whole booklet with the answers at the end.


Wednesday 30.06.21

LO: To complete a SPaG test

Read through and complete the SpaG test, then check your work with the answers.


Thursday 01.07.21 and Friday 02.07.21

 LO: To complete a writing assessment

Read through the holiday recount - writing assessment example.

Using the picture on the holiday recount success criteria sheet, as inspiration, write a holiday recount based on this holiday destination.

Edit and then re-write you recount in neat.

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