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Y3F Friday 27th November

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 2:50pm

Hi Y3F!

I have uploaded some lessons so that you can keep busy today :)

Try your best at home, just like you do in class and I promise these two weeks will fly!


Work through the worksheets, making sure you are using the methods we have learnt in school (expanded or contracted - contracted if you can!). 

Formal subtraction - There are different worksheets so have a think about how confident you feel and either go for the one star, two star or three star. 

Formal addition - I would like you to complete the first two boxes. If you would like to challenge yourself, feel free to head onto the third and fourth box to tackle problem solving and word problems! 

English -

As you have started your non-chronological report all about hedgehogs, I would love for you to create me an information leaflet all about them! Think about all the facts you learnt at school and the facts that you included in your writing over the past few days. You can do this on a piece of paper or on the computer if you have access to it! 


I would like you to think about resilience today. Resilience is all about carrying on when things get hard and making sure you try and try again. I would like you to read through the powerpoint and complete the worksheets.


That`s all for today. Look after yourself and I will see you all very soon :) Miss F x

Note to parents: Remote learning for the next few weeks will be uploaded within the 'Remote Education - Year 3' section of the school website. 

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