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Y3 Remote Education Wider Curriculum, Reading, PSHE, PE 24.05.21

Date: 21st May 2021 @ 8:54am

Wider Curriculum – RE

Lesson 1

 LO:  To explain the key beliefs held by Hindus 

What do you know about the religion Hinduism? Watch this video clip to learn more:

Task 1 – You can be lots of different people whilst still being you. Can you complete the jigsaw (see flipchart for example)?

Hindus believe that the one God takes on millions of forms with different qualities.

Task 2 – Match the statements

Lesson 2

LO: To compare how Hindus and Muslims pray

Think back to when we learnt about Muslim prayer. What can you remember?

Watch these video clips and look through the flipchart to see how Hindus pray:

Task – sort the statements into Muslim prayer, Hindu prayer and “both”.

Lesson 3

LO: To explore reasons why people pray

Why do people pray? Use the flipchart to try writing your own prayer. What would you like to say in it?



Tasks 1, 2 and 3

Choose the *, ** or *** option depending on how confident you feel.


PSHE - Resilience

Watch the clip about being resilient:

Follow the power point and think carefully about how you could be more resilient.

Task – On the sheet, try filling each sticky note with an idea of how we can all be more resilient at school. Circle your favourite one and see if you can achieve that when you are back in school.



Read the athletics activities sheet.

Numbers 1-3 do not involve physical activity.

Numbers 4-6 are all physical activities.

Choose which ones you want to do this week.

Files to Download