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Y3 Remote Education Wider Curriculum, Reading, PSHE and PE 10.05.21

Date: 7th May 2021 @ 8:06am

Wider Curriculum


L.O: To compare the modern and the original Olympic Games.

Did you know that the Ancient Greeks invented the Olympic Games? Have a look at this website to find out more.


Task 1 – Make a fact file about the Ancient Olympic Games. 

Think about: - who could partake, what sports were played, how long it lasted, how it was religious.


Task 2 (This may have been done as homework) – What happens at the modern Olympic Games? Have a look here and write down your top 5 facts.


Task 3 – Compare the two games. Sort the statements into the correct side of the Venn diagram. Can you add any facts of your own?


L.O: To understand the impact Ancient Greece has on Modern Britain.

This topic, we have looked at Ancient Greek theatre, language, sport, architecture, democracy and myths. We would like you to show your learning by making a short video answering the question: “What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?”  You can be as creative as you like - Send it to your teacher via Dojo. Have fun!



One of our values this half term is resilience. Can you apply the skill to the History task above?

Read the PDF on resilience to recap on what it is.



Tasks 1 and 2 

Task 3 - Look at the list of Recommended Reads.  Have you read any?  Do you like the look of any?

Could you write a book review about one of them?



Task 1 

Test your balance with ‘Newspaper Dance’.

Test your running skills in ‘Noughts and Crosses’.

Task 2 

Test your running skills in ‘Pairs’.

Test your accuracy in ‘Plane in Flight’.

Files to Download