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Y3 Remote Education Wider Curriculum, Reading, PSHE and PE 07.06.21

Date: 4th Jun 2021 @ 9:37am

Wider Curriculum - Science

Lesson 1

LO: To become familiar with new vocabulary.

Today you are going to familiarise yourself with the vocabulary you will see in this topic.

Task 1) read through the KLP, did you know any of the words before? Are any of the words completely new to you.

Task 2) Read a word and it’s definition from the key vocabulary list. Cover the definition. Can you remember what each word means? Ask a grown-up to give you a definition, do you know that word? If they give you the word, do you know the definition?

Task 3) Cut out the new vocabulary and match them with their correct definition. You can glue these on to a sheet of paper and then create a poster with illustrations together with the new vocabulary.

Task 4) CHALLENGE: Create your own word search with the key vocabulary. Write the words in to the grid, one letter per square. When you have written in all the words, add letters to fill the rest of the grid.


Lesson 2

LO: To understand that we need light to be able to see.

A light source is a place where light comes from.

Task 1) Sort the cards *** in to light sources and non-light sources.

Now look through the PowerPoint to slide 11.

Task 2) Imagine you are in a really dark room and there is an object in front of you. How would you know what it was? You would have to feel it to try to work it out. Ask a grown up to place 5 different objects in 5 different bags, pillow cases are great for this! These are going to be “feely bags”. Without peeking inside the bag, feel inside to see if you can tell what they are. Write your predictions on to your sheet.

When you have completed your sheet open up each bag so that the light illuminates the object. You are now able to see it. Fill in the second part of your sheet.

Task 3) Complete the 3rd sheet about light and dark.



Tasks 1, 2 - answer the comprehension questions.

Task 3 - Choose a book from the recommended reads list that you have already read.  Write a letter to a friend, recommending this book.


PSHE – Anti-Bullying

Watch the clip and read through the PowerPoint.

Make notes, answering the questions on the slides.



Task 1 – Sardines – can you play this in your garden?  Can you adapt it to make it even more active?

Task 2 – Shadow Tag – can you think of any other fun ways to play a game with your shadow?

Task 3 – Skipping challenges – how many skips can you do and what different kinds of skipping can you do?

Task 4 – Soaked! – Check with your parents before you try this one!

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