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Y3 Remote Education English 21.06.21

Date: 18th Jun 2021 @ 3:56pm


There are only four English lessons planned this week due to Transition. If you need more work to do, go on to Bug Club and Spelling Shed J


Monday 21.06.21

Lesson 1

LO: To retrieve answers from the text

Warm up – SPAG skills

Task 1 – What can you infer about this person? Why do you predict they are famous?

Task 2 – Look at the slides and watch the video:

 Task 3 – Answer the comprehension questions to learn more about Marcus Rashford


Tuesday 22.06.21

Lesson 2

LO: To edit a recount

Today you will edit Mrs Collis’ recount of Marcus Rashford’s life. Use the first few slides to remind you how to mark and edit. What mistakes can you spot?

When you have finished, copy it out neatly.


Wednesday 23.06.21

Lesson 3

LO: To plan a recount

You will need your home learning from this week. You need to turn your notes into a plan for your hero’s recount. If you have not done your home learning you will need to plan a recount for Marcus Rashford.

Follow the flipchart for hints and tips.


Thursday 17.06.21

Lesson 4

SPaG Mats – practise your Y3 SPaG skills today. Remember that your Spelling Shed words will also be loaded today as it is Friday.

Files to Download