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Y3 Remote Education English 10.05.21

Date: 7th May 2021 @ 7:59am


Monday 10.05.21

Lesson 1

LO: To use verbs to open sentences. 


1. Choose a verb from the list

2. Add a ‘how adverb’ (don't forget your comma), from the list.

3. Finish the sentence by adding what your hero did.

Do this 3 times for 3 different sentences.

E.g. Fighting dangerously, Jason showed no signs of giving up.


Tuesday 11.05.21

Lesson 2


Fill in the correct word on the ‘it’s or its’ sheet.

L.O: To write a character description

Look at the picture and read the information at the top.

Write your character description, checking the success criteria as you go along.

Choose one of these sentence starters in your writing:

1. Frantically sprinting towards the temple ____ wasted no time...

2. _____ heard an ear-piercing scream in the distance... 

3.  As  ______ stood in the market place, a young messenger delivered the news...

Remember: it is NOT a story, it is a character description. 

Focus on describing your hero.


Wednesday 12.05.21 & Thursday 13.05.21

Lesson 3 and 4

LO: To create Greek God fact files

Complete these over Wednesday and Thursday.

You could make them into a booklet and bring it into school when you return.

Read through and follow the powerpoint and print out the cards to write and draw on.


Friday 14.05.21

Lesson 5

SPaG mat and spelling sheet

Complete the SPaG mat.

Work out the spelling mistakes on the sheet and then check your answers.

Files to Download