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Y3 English WB 6th July

Date: 1st Jul 2020 @ 11:40am

Week Beginning 6th July Overview Year 3

Dear Year 3,

We are nearly at the end of term! This week’s English lessons are really fun. Unlike the previous English lessons, in the last few weeks, these lessons stand alone. This means you can complete the lessons in any order (although if your child attends school, stick to the suggested days so they don’t repeat activities).The activties are the same in Year 3 and 4 this weeks, this means if you have a sibling in these year groups you can work together. 

Monday 6th July

Do you know of any jokes? Which joke is your favourite? Today you will read a collection of jokes. Then you will try making up your own jokes and make a joke book.

Tuesday 7th July

Today’s activities require children to work with one other person. This could be an adult or an older sibling or one who is a little younger.

Today you will look at examples of ‘exquisite corpse’ pictures (don’t worry – they are not as complicated as they sound) and then draw your own. You will then write strange sentences and consequence stories using the same method.

Wednesday 8th July

Earlier this year in guided reading, you read ‘The Boy who Grew Dragons’. Today you will read all about dragons and match pictures. Can you write multiple-choice answers for given questions before inventing your own dragon?

Thursday 9th July

Today’s English work is all about puzzles. Can you complete the ‘crosspoint’ puzzles? Have you ever heard of a cross point puzzle before? You will then complete a crossword before making up your own.    

Friday 10th July

Today you will read a menu and a poem about revolting food. You will explore recipes for revolting foods and then make up your own recipes for Roald Dahl foods.     

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