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Kingswood- warmth at last...

Date: 11th Jun 2019 @ 8:29pm

As we write this, we are sat around the campfire (the rain may still be pouring) the fire is STILL burning and we are awaiting the marshmallows. The songs are getting louder and louder; we are all loving it and laughing our heads off. 

For the rest of today, we played team games; we abseiled; and we also attempted to orienteer. We say ‘attempted’ because we battled the weather and found some friends along the way: pheasants. Laila B (Y6H) said: ‘The points were hard to find; they were a challenge which made it fun. We then found a pheasant and named it Garry.’ 

Seth A (Y6H) said: ‘I was nervous before the abseiling. It was absolutely terrifying but I DID IT!’ 

It’s been a brilliant day. Some of us faced our fears and some of us found some birds. Tomorrow we have canoeing ... we are used to getting wet so i’m sure we will be absolutely fine... 

Ciao for now 😃

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