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Kingswood- we shall continue ‘weather’ it rains or shines

Date: 11th Jun 2019 @ 12:05pm

We are having a great time at Kingswood- despite the rain. Everyone had a great night’s sleep in their pods (some children gained some serious points for having clean and sensible pods- we even had some fairy lights hung up around some rooms). The children enjoyed scrumptious chicken pie or sausage and mash last night and a full English breakfast this morning - YUM!  

We are all in high spirits; we enjoyed problem solving yesterday when we got here and we have been indoor climbing this morning. Martha H (Y6F) said: ‘I loved how you could just go for it and help with the ropes.’Adam H (Y6CT) said: ‘I got a bit of a wedgie.’ The climbing was definitely a challenge and a lot made it to the top! We are now onto fencing with the masks and jackets and also nightline, where the children scramble around in the mud and puddles- BLINDFOLDED. 

There has been a little rain break today; however, it’s definitely not dampening our spirits. There will be pictures to follow when we can connect the iPad to the WIFI- the pictures may be added when we are back. 

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