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Friday 27th March 2020- Year 6

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 11:00am

Morning Year 6! Here we are for a few more activities to keep your brains and bodies active!

Physical Activity

Here's the link for Joe's daily workout:

Further challenge: Create your own warm up to your favourite song - here are some bootcamp moves you could include:


*mountain climbers

*skaters (jumping from one foot to the othre in a low skating motion)

*pop squats - squat down, touch the floor and jump up

*side shuffles followed by a star jump

*bum flicks

*high knees

Good luck and enjoy!



L/O To solve problems involving area and perimeter

Hopefully you remember this from Wednesday!


Perimeter is the distance around the outside edge.

You can calculate perimeter by adding up all the lengths at the edge of a shape.

There might be shortcuts where two or more sides have the same length and you can use multiplication to work out the perimeter.

Area is the shape inside a space.

Area is calculated by multiplying two adjacent (next door edges) in a rectangle or a square. If a shape is more complex (like and L shape, break it down into rectangles).

I've attached a few challenges as a file. Download and tackle as many as you can.  

Answers can be found in this document - no peeking before you solve them!


English (Reading, Writing and SPaG)

Reading activity

L.O: To maintain a positive attitude towards reading
L.O: To recommend a book, giving reasons for your choices

Take 30-40 minutes to read a book-one that you are interested in. Write down the genre of the book and whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Write down three reasons why you would recommend this book to someone else. Keep this in the ‘reading’ section of your folder.

Writing activity

L.O: To use the features of a diary

Search ‘Pobble 365’.  An interesting image will appear on the screen. In the top right-hand section of the screen,there is an option called ‘pick a day’. Click on March 23rd. You should see a group of children on their journey to school. Complete the section with the heading: ‘Story starter’. Keep this work in the ‘writing’ section of your folder.

SPaG Activity

L.O: To identify determiners

Stay on the same webpage that you have been on for the writing activity. Complete the section with the heading: ‘Sentence challenge’. They ask you about ‘articles’. We know that the new term for articles is 'determiners'. Determiners are words such as ‘an’ ‘a’ ‘the’ ‘those’ and they usually come before a noun. A dog  The cat Those sheep

Wider Curriculum - Science 2

L.O: To explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that form them

Last blog we looked at the idea of light travelling in a straight line. Today we’ll investigate how this is linked with how shadows are formed.

To begin, watch this BBC Bitesize video -

In the video you are shown a range of different light sources (the Sun, fire, electric lights and torches are examples). Light travels through air, water and transparent (see through) objects.  The video goes on to show you that darkness is the absence of light and shadows are created when an opaque (not see-through) object blocks light.

Because opaque objects block the ray of light, the shadow will have the same shape.

Activity: Find or make shadows, draw around them and notice how they are the same shape as the object that cast them. Sometimes the shadows might look like a long, stretched version of the shape and not look exactly the same.

Explain to your parents why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them - you could draw a diagram to help you.

Feeling creative?

If you want a project for the holidays, try creating a shadow puppet theatre. Retell your favourite story or make your own story up. We’d love to see your shadow puppet theatre stories. If you email school and attach a video of your show, we’ll add them to our blog if we can.

This BBC Bitesize video could help with some ideas 

It's now Easter holidays! If you wish to have a break from learning, you can, or you can use Spelling Shed, MyMaths, TT Rockstars and to tackle some more challenges. 


We'll see you again on Wednesday 15th April!


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