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Friday 27th March - Homelearning

Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 8:30am

Morning Y5

It's Miss Field's turn to upload the homelearning tasks today so fingers crossed it all works eh?  

Last night we went and stood at our front door and clapped for the carers: what an amazing thing!  I've loved seeing all the rainbow pictures in people's windows, some people have been very clever creating theirs.  I've seen a handprint one and someone created one using their collage skills - just like us!  Are you managing to get outside in the fresh air, it's so important isn't it?  We've been going for a walk really early in the morning: I've seen some calves, 2 barn owls and this morning we went along a different path and we found a field full of lambs jumping inbetween daffodils.  We got back just in time to see our bin men so I ran after them with a box of chocolate biscuits to say thank you.

We've loved seeing the photographs of your work, if you can, please share, i'm sure we'd all like to see what you're up to.


Miss F x


Friday 27th March

Lesson and Learning Objective




LO:  To develop mental arithmetic skills.



Why don’t you have a go at a mental arithmetic test?  If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry you can look at the questions on the screen, scribble them down and then mark at the end.  Give yourself 15 minutes to answer the questions and even if you finish with plenty of time still left on the timer, go back and check your answers.  If you can use the inverse operation to check that would be really impressive.



LO: To retrieve information



Read First News, complete the questions.


This First News was published last week, when the new one comes out (I think it’s either later on today or tomorrow), I’ll put it on the blog.


LO: To justify thoughts using evidence


Keep reading for pleasure, however if you have access to Wonder, you can try this activity.

Wonder – pages 43-48

From Lamb to the Slaughter:

  1. Read the definition of lamb to the slaughter. Why did Auggie’s dad use this to describe him earlier in the story?
  2. Why do you think August rushed telling everyone about his personal facts?
  3. Why do you think Ms Petosa said: ‘What is a Padawan?’ and then smiled at August?
  4. Why did Julian ask Auggie if Darth Sidious was his favourite Star Wars character?



List 24 – see attached document.


You could have a spelling test like we usually do on a Friday.

Wider Curriculum


LO: To design a circuit




LO To understand the features of a river.

In school, we have been designing our own PE/fitness circuit to maintain our skills and fitness while we have been away from our hobbies (Miss Wilson has done her own for netball!). We have chosen 6 specific fitness activities to develop areas of our hobby so that we are fit and ready to start again once we are able. This might be using cones to weave to develop agility, it could be jump tucks to develop leg muscles and height, it could be skipping to develop cardiovascular fitness – your choice!

Can you create your own and do it Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 1 minute per activity? Can you beat your score each time?

Read the powerpoint about the features of a river, which is hopefully attached!  Then try this quiz.  If the powerpoint doesn't give you some of the answers then use you research skills to find the answer.

Then do one of these tasks:

If it's a wet miserable day then stay indoors and draw/paint the course of river or go outside with some chalk and draw it on the patio or drive. 

Create a river using mud/stones/sticks.  Take some photographs and zoom in on the features.

Write a story about Raymond the Raindrop as he makes his way down Mount Snowdon.



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