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Condover Hall

This page contains a range of information about the trip your child has been invited on to Condover Hall.

The Year 6 trip will take place between Monday 20th June 2022 and Friday 24th June 2022.

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If you want a quick overview of Condover Hall, have a look at the Parent Flyer that they provide.


If you're a visual person, you might like to have a look at the Condover Hall map - it shows you the layout of the whole amazing site! It is attached at the bottom of this page. 


Why not have a tour of the facilities? This video will take you all over Condover Hall!

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If you want to see what a typical day will be like on the trip, then watch the following video! 


To get even more of an understanding of what a typical day is like, have a look at the Sample Timetable - it shows you how the day is broken up and organised. However, please don't set your heart on a particular one as a we are given a selection from a range of activities. We will know what these activities are before we go and we will let you know as soon as we do! It is attached at the bottom of this page. 

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It's probably too early to pack right now, but a kit list is attached so tht you have an idea of what you will need to take. It is attached at the bottom of this page. 


The JCA Residential Presentation contains the most information about the trip: why we are running the trip, safety, activities and more! 

It is attached at the bottom of this page. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Your child would arrive at normal school time on Monday 20th June 2022, and would require a packed lunch. We will travel by coach.

We will leave Condover on Friday at 1:30pm. Due to the unpredictable nature of travel on a Friday afternoon, it is difficult to give you an exact return time, but we hope to return at approximately 3.30 pm on Friday 24th June 2022.



Your child may need medicines during the trip, these will be handed to designated adults on the morning of departure with clear instructions for administration – we will send more information about this closer to the time.



At this point in time, we cannot state which staff will be attending, but it will be a mix of classteachers and teaching assistants from Dobcroft.



Your child will take part in activities in a group of 12 children, which will include children from their class. These groups will have been created by classteachers and the children will know which group they are in before they leave. They will have one adult from school above working with them all week, alongside a member of staff from Condover Hall.



Children will sleeping in single sex dormitories – they will be consulted for who they would like to share with to ensure they are happy with the room they are based in. 



The restaurant on site caters for 500 children per day and are experts at catering for a variety of diets. Breakfast has a range of options from a hot, cooked meal, to cereal and fruit. Both lunch and dinner are cooked meals, with a choice of two options - so your child is sure to find something they like to eat!



What has caused the price to increase from when the trip was originally scheduled to take place in October 2020?

Condover Hall is run by JCA, a division of TUI, the holiday company. They, like other holiday providers, vary prices during the year based upon demand. Traditionally, we have run our Year 6 residential trip in the summer term – and this trip follows the same pattern. The reason for the price increase is due to JCA charging more per child to attend at this time of the year.

While there is a price increase, having the trip at the end of the year has many benefits: it makes for excellent way to celebrate the end of the children's time at Dobcroft, it provides they an exciting event to look forward throughout the year, it ensures that they have the most time to focus upon their curriculum during their time in Year 6 and often, it provides warmer, better weather!

It also gives parents the greatest amount of time to spread payments for the trip over a series of months – the reason for the final payment being in Februry is due to the payment schedule we have been given by Condover, however if you have any difficulty with the payment schedule please get in touch in confidence with Mrs Sexton in order to seek a solution.

Is it possible to have a breakdown of the costs, including what the staffing costs are?

Condover Hall charge £429 per child to attend for the week. This includes a £10 discount as we are a larger group (over 50 children). This covers: 

The following costs are based on an estimate of 120 children.

Coaches to transport the children there and back cost £3300.

Staffing costs incurred as a result of the trip are £2500.

4 class-teachers will attend, this has no cost implication, and either the Head or Deputy will attend - this also has no cost implication as these members of staff work full time (in the case of teachers who jobshare, they will attend the trip on their working days).

To ensure we have enough adults to supervise the trip, we ask some of our teaching assistants to attend. As many teaching assistants do not work full time contracts but would be working full time during the week of the trip, they are paid these extra hours. 

Additionally, not all of these teaching assistants are based in Year 6, and thus their attendance on trip would impact other year groups in the school. These roles need to be covered by supply teaching assistants as a result of the trip, therefore these costs are also factored in. 

While staffing costs add to the overall costs of the trip, we are always grateful to those members of staff who chose to attend as much of the time spent on the trip is voluntary and the trips could not happen without their support.

If the trip has to be cancelled, as it has happened due to the pandemic, is there a guarantee on a full refund?

The terms of the agreement with JCA, which includes ceasing the trip due to Lockdowns or DFE advice can be found on this page: 

Will money be refunded if we cancel our child's place?

Please see below for the charges Condover make if a child's place is cancelled. 




If you would like your child to take part in the trip, please secure your place by paying the deposit on


If you have any general or specific questions about the trip, please contact us via the following Google Form. We will collate answers to any frequently asked questions and send out an email to all parents with these, and we will answer any specific question about your child attending personally through emails or phone calls: 

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