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A Day @ DJS

At Dobcroft, we have so much excitement and a range of lessons and activities that things are changing from one day to the next! Is there such a thing as a ‘typical’ day at Dobcroft? Not really, but most will tend to go like this…



Children begin to arrive at school and have a play on the playground. You will be able to spot Mrs Sexton out on the front yard and can now enter classrooms. A bell will ring out around school at about 8:55am to signal children making their way to class.


As you enter our classrooms, teachers are there to greet you. There is always morning work to complete on the whiteboard and this can range from green penning, next stepping and editing work to designing objects for a themed day! While children are completing their morning work, the class teacher will complete the register.


Time for first lesson! In most classrooms this would be Maths


Ring! The bell has rung for assembly. Usually this means that all classes make their way to the hall for a whole school assembly.


Breaktime! Children go outside to play. They can play on the front or back yard (and if the weather’s nice the field!). We have lots of equipment that can be used and the play equipment too. When it is indoor play, each classroom has a


Lesson 2


Lunchtime!There are lots of clubs for children to join in with at lunchtimes. In dry weather children are allowed to play on the field.

1:10pm - 3:30pm In the afternoons, children take part in the Challenge Curriculum. They also have a 20 minute Guided Reading session where they take part in a carousel of activities. One day a week, each year group has PPA where they are taught subjects such as PE, MFL and Music by subject specialists. Playtime in flexible in the afternoons. Each class has 10 minutes when it is most suitable for them.