Year 4 English Week Beginning 1st June

Date: 28th May 2020 @ 9:28am

Welcome back Year 4,

We hope you've had a lovely break and are well rested. Below is an outline of the week. This week your English theme is animals! This links nicely with the Science topic you will be learning this half term. We hope you enjoy it :) 

Please open each day for further details of the tasks and resources.


Aim:  Listening, sequencing events, and using a storyboard to plan an account.

You will start the week off by watching a David Attenborough clip about an Impala and a leopard. The clip will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat and has a dramatic ending. Once you have watched the clip, you will plan a story on a Narrow Escape. You can verbally tell someone your story but don’t write your story today!



Aim: Revise and practise adverbials. Write sentences with adverbials for the story.

Today you will revise adverbials. Please read the PowerPoint (attached) to help you, there is also a song to help you too (see link below). There is a practise sheet for you to identify the adverbials in the sentences. After, you can create some of your own dramatic sentences which include adverbials for the narrow escape story you planned. DO NOT WRITE YOUR STORY YET just practise writing a few sentences with adverbials.

PARENTS: There is a video attached to explain what an adverbial is. It is aimed at parent/teachers but children can watch it too to help them.    

Adverbials Song link:

Adverbials Video link:


Aim: Write stories, including adverbials

Today is the day you get to write the story but wait for the best bit… You are going to write as if you were the prey (the animal which gets attacked). Remember to use the storyboard you planned on Monday, to help structure your story. The aim is to include lots of adverbials (which you practised on Monday and Tuesday). Use the adverbials sheets for ideas. 


Thursday and Friday

Aim: Identify noun phrases in sentences. Read a poem, write own version. 

You will be reading and writing some poetry today and tomorrow. You will notice the theme is still animals.  You will begin today by reading a poem and revising noun phrases. Watch the video link (see below) and read the PowerPoint (attached) to revise what a noun phrase is. Complete the noun phrases activity sheet. Once you are confident with noun phrases, you will use your knowledge to help you write a new poem. If you complete both tasks on Thursday you can spend some time on Friday writing it up neatly. You could email your poem to a family member, friend or your teacher. We are sure they would love to read them. 

Noun Phrases Video link:

Here is a link to another catchy song to help you remember noun phrases. It will be useful to pause at the examples of noun phrases.

We have also attached your spellings for this half term (start at list 30 on the PowerPoint) 

Year 4 Team x


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