Y4 English WB 15th June

Date: 12th Jun 2020 @ 1:11pm

Hi Year 4,

Over the past couple of week’s you have been learning about animals. This week you will be learning about how important our rainforests are to both animals and the planet.  Later in the week, you will be finding out how a tortoise got its shell!

Further guidance and resources are attached for each day

Monday 15th June

Aim: Listening to a story. Revising verbs. 

Rainforests are so important in our world and today you will read a special story about the Amazon rainforest. Listen carefully to the story of The Great Kapok Tree. What can you/we learn from the story? How does the story make you feel?

You will then revise all about verbs and practise changing verb tenses. Some of the verbs we use in our writing are overused. Can you think up some adventurous synonyms?  

Tuesday 16th June

Aim: Revising past tense; identifying and using present perfect tense.

Yesterday you listened to a reading of The Great Kapok Tree. Today you will read extracts from The Great Kapok Tree and write about what other animals may have said to the main character.

You will then learn about the present perfect using the PowerPoint presentation (attached) to help you. Listen carefully to the voice-over teaching. There is also a video link to help too. https://www.theschoolrun.com/what-are-the-present-perfect-and-the-past-perfect

Wednesday 17th June

Aim: Using the present perfect tense when writing in role.   

Today you will look closely at an illustration and then revisit present perfect tense, completing a cloze activity (look at the PowerPoint and video from yesterday). You will then write in role as the main character from The Great Kapok Tree explaining why you have quite your job.  

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th June

Aim: Reading a narrative poem. Re-telling the story. 

Have you ever wondered how a tortoise got its shell? Today you read about Zeus and the Tortoise. What do you think Zeus and the tortoise would say to each other? You will also revise direct speech. Use the video to help.

On Friday you will turn the poem of Zeus and the Tortoise into a story. Parents – Your child may wish to plan the story on Thursday and write it on Friday.

Direct Speech video:


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