Y4 Wider Curriculum W/B 15th June - Science - Endangered animals

Date: 10th Jun 2020 @ 2:53pm

Hi Year 4, it`s Miss Fee here. I am missing you all so much and I am really looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Last week, you were busy learning all about different kinds of habitats. This week, you will be researching endangered animals. There are many reasons some animals are currently endangered and throughout the week you will focus on some of the main reasons and look at possible solutions.



L.O – To acknowledge the threat faced by rhinos.  

Today I would like you to complete the reading comprehension that is all about rhinos. Unfortunately, this is one of the world`s most threatened species.  This will give you an introduction to what we will be learning about throughout the week.

Choose either the 1*, 2* or 3* sheet.


L.O - To understand the term ‘extinction’ and to be aware of some of the biggest threats to species.

  • Read through the PowerPoint named ‘Tuesday`s PowerPoint’. This will help you understand what the term ‘endangered’ means and it will also give you an insight to some of the world`s most affected animals.



Choose around 10 – 15 cards (you may choose more if you wish). Once you have read the card, place it in the correct threat group (e.g pollution, habitat loss etc).


Challenge – Use the BLANK activity cards – can you guess what the threat is to this species? Sort them into threat groups and you can check your answers after.


Wednesday –

L.O – To recognise some of the ways humans are supporting endangered species. 

Read through the PowerPoint called 'Wednesday`s PowerPoint' in order to understand some of the things that are currently being done in order to help some of the world`s endangered species.

I would like you to create a poster which outlines one of the problems that endangered animals face (e.g pollution or hunting) and what we could do to help. It may be something that has been mentioned in the PowerPoint or you may have a great idea of your own!

Challenge – Use the Tower Hamlets language card.


Thursday –

L.O – To carry out research about a specific species that is endangered.

Today I would like you to choose a species that you are interested in. This could be any species that you like, as long as they are classed as an endangered species. If you want to challenge yourself, try and think of a species that is less common! 

I would like you to research all about these animals and briefly jot down the answers to the following questions (keep these answers as you will need these tomorrow!)

  • Where does the species originate?
  • What is this species current status? E.g vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered?
  • How many are there left in the wild? Can you find out how many there once were?
  • What is the threat that this particular species face?
  • What is the impact of the species being hunted? (Think about food chains)
  • Is there anything currently being done to protect this species? If so, what?
  • What COULD be done to protect this species / further protect this species?


The website below lists all the species that are currently endangered - This would be a great place to start. 




L.O – To create a fact file all about an endangered species.

Today I would like you to collate all the information you gathered in yesterday`s activity and present this in a fact file. (You may need to do a little more research!)

Your fact file should include a lot of the information you researched yesterday and could also include the following:

  • General information about the species (e.g where it is from / what does it eat/ how long have they been around etc.)

    You can create your fact file in any way you would like whether that would be in a word document or on a piece of paper/card. I would love to see some completed ones when they are finished so please email them in :) 

Files to Download