Y4 Home-learning 22/05/2020

Date: 20th May 2020 @ 10:01am

Hi Year 4, it’s Miss Jagger here. I hope you are all ok and staying safe!

It was lovely to have a little chat to you this week. I hope you have all enjoyed the fabulous sunshine!

This blog post includes a maths, writing, P.E and Science task for you to be getting on with. Don’t forget you can still log onto TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and MyMaths if you want any extra practise J

 I’m missing you all and hopefully see you all soon!


LO: To draw and interpret line graphs

Today we would like you to move onto learning all about line graphs.

A line graph is often used to show a trend over a number of days or hours. It is plotted as a series of points, which are then joined with straight lines. The ends of the line graph do not have to join to the axes.

Reading line graphs

This line graph shows the midday temperature over a period of 7 days:

You can see that the hottest day was Monday where it reached 28°C. The coldest day was Thursday where is was 19°C.

Before you start your task today, read through the PowerPoint attached to learn more about how to interpret line graphs.

There are 3 challenges to try today.  If you are feeling confident, start at ‘Line Graphs 1’

  1. Sunflower line graphs – do the first page of this if you are not feeling very confident.
  2. Line graphs 1
  3. Line graphs 2 CHALLENGE – there are some tricky questions on this.

The answers to all these challenges have been uploaded to the blog.


LO To use features of an explanation text

Today we would like you to get your inventing head on and create a brand new sport. One small detail of the sport is that is has to be played underwater!

What ideas can you think  of? Could it be underwater hockey where you use a large shell as the ball? Maybe scuba diving orienteering? I know you will be really creative about your chosen underwater sport!  

In your explanation text you can include details of:

  • A title of your explanation text
  • An introduction paragraph about your new sport
  • A paragraph about how to play your new sport
  • If humans are playing the sport, how would they breathe underwater? 
  • The rules of your new sport
  • How many people make a team
  • What type of person would play your sport e.g. confident swimmer, able to snorkel
  • A picture/diagram of your new sport.


Wider Curriculum

P.E –

Create your own obstacle course in your house/garden. Use the picture below for inspiration (sorry it's a bit blurry, Google images was not wanting to work!).

Ideas - 

  • Hopscotch 
  • Squats 
  • Shuttle Run
  • Make a tunnel (under chairs or a large cardboard box)
  • Skipping rope
  • Throw balls into a bucket
  • Star jumps












LO To recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways

Today you will be starting a new topic of habitats. We want you to think about how living things can be grouped in different ways e.g. lives in water or lives on land.

Read through the PowerPoint to give you more information about today’s task.

  1. Cut out the different animals from the ‘Animal Picture Sheet’
  2. Sort the animals using the ‘Activity sheet grouping animals’

1* - I’m finding this a little tough

2* - I’m finding this OK

3* - I want to challenge myself.

  1. If you would like an extra challenge after this, the ’Activity Sheet grouping animals 3 ways’ provides you with new animals to sort into a Venn diagram that is split into 3 different categories.


Files to Download