Y4 English WB 29th June

Date: 24th Jun 2020 @ 3:18pm

Monday 29th June

Aim: Listen to the story Henry’s Freedom Box. Order the events described. Answer questions about the story.

Look carefully at the front-cover for Henry’s Freedom Box. What predictions can you make? What questions do you have? Then listen to Henry’s Freedom Box. Can you order the events in the story? Finally, read an author’s note and answer questions.  

Tuesday 30th June

Aim: Listen to two versions of the story. Read extracts and then answer questions. Choose key events and use these to summarise the plot.

Listen carefully to the author reading Henry’s Freedom Box. Then read an extract yourself and answer questions. What do you believe are the three most important events from the story? Make illustrations and write captions.

Wednesday 1st July

Aim: Completing a cloze activity on Henry’s Freedom Box. Reading an information text about slavery and answering questions. Writing in role.

How well can you remember the story from Monday and Tuesday? Can you complete a cloze activity from the start of the story? Then read about other historical figures, have you heard about any of the figures? Answer the comprehension questions.

Thursday 2nd July

Aim: Read a classic poem: ‘Sea Fever’. Revise possessive apostrophes and complete an exercise. Practise reading the poem aloud.

How well do you understand possessive apostrophes? Read the PowerPoint to remind yourself.  Afterwards, read the poem, ‘Sea Fever’ and answer questions. Can you practise using possessive apostrophes in the poem?

Apostrophe Video: (Scroll down the webpage)


Friday 3rd July

Aim: Read a classic poem: ‘Amulet’. Revise possessive apostrophes. Write a poem based on the one read.

Do you have special jewellery? Why is it special to you? Can you write descriptive sentences about the jewellery in the pictures? Afterwards, read the poem: ‘Amulet’. Use the writing frame to help you plan and write your own poem.

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