Y4 English WB 22nd June

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 10:34am

Hi Year 4,

We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.  To begin the week we will be thinking about who is a hero in our lives? Later in the week, you will read some African stories. What can we learn from the stories?

Further guidance and resources can be found in the attachments

Monday 22nd June

Aim: Reading a poem, Hero Dad by Grace Nichols. Then revise and identify determiners.

Today you will read the poem, ‘Hero Dad’.  Why was this Dad a hero? What did he do? Then you will revise determiners. Read the PowerPoint presentation and watch the video to help you.  Can you practise identifying and choosing determiners? What determiners can you find in the poem?

Determiner video:


(scroll down to view the video)

Determiner Song:


Tuesday 23rd June

Aim: Re-reading the poem and identifying the determiners then changing these to see the effect on meaning. Writing a poem in the same format. 

Re-red ‘Hero Dad’ again. Who is your hero? Can you write your own hero poem? Send the poem to your hero to make them smile J

Wednesday 24th June

Aim: Listening to a story being told by an African story-teller. Reading more stories and summarising these in one sentence.     

Today you will watch an African story being told. You will then read three more African stories and write single sentence summaries about them.

Which story is your favourite?

Thursday 25th June

Aim: Watching a story-teller for the second time, choosing a favourite story, plotting a storyboard and retelling the story. 


Today you will read three more short stories from Africa. Watch the story-telling video from yesterday again but this time look for techniques. Can re-tell one of the stories? Why not record yourself and watch it back? Which techniques did you include?

Friday 26th June

Aim: Identifying conjunctions and adverbials in an African story. Writing a story.

Today you will compare two versions of a story. Can you identify the use of conjunctions and fronted adverbials in one? If you enjoy writing stories, you could write a version of the story that they told on Day 4.      

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