Y4 Art Week Beginning 29th June

Date: 27th Jun 2020 @ 1:40pm

Y4 Art Week Beginning 29th June.


You are going to start the week practising shading and then move on to drawing minibeasts. After that you will be drawing a larger animal of your choice. All the resources you need will be found on the blog and any video clips will have a link in this overview. You could also send a photo of your favourite work to your teacher.


L.O: to become skilled in drawing by exploring ideas.

1. Before you start, you will need some paper and a pencil. If you have different types of pencils, then you should get those as well.

2. Open the lesson PowerPoint and work through the slides.

3. When you have finished watching the shading techniques video, use a page in your sketch book or a sheet of paper and experiment with the different techniques you have seen.

4. If you would like some more support, you could use the sheet with the different techniques as a reminder whilst you are working.

4. For an extra challenge, label the different techniques (using technical vocabulary)



L.O: to produce creative work by using observations made in sketchbooks.

1. Before you start, you will need your work from yesterday and if you’re not using a sketchbook, you will need more paper.

2. Open the lesson PowerPoint for today.

3. Follow the instructions on the presentation.

4. When prompted, choose which minibeast to try drawing.



L.O: to experiment with different media.

1. Today, you are going to choose a different minibeast to draw and this time you are going to use colouring pencils.

2. Look back at your work so far to remind yourself about the different shading techniques. Maybe you could try a different technique this time. If you need a reminder, go back to the YouTube video you watched on Monday.


Thursday and Friday

L.O: To sketch and paint a minibeast, using techniques learned.

1. First of all, you are going to choose a different minibeast or if you wish, you could go back to one you have already sketched. If you cannot find one you would like to draw, you could take a look online for a different one.

2. Sketch a faint outline, paying attention to proportions. Don’t make it too small because you are going to be painting it.

3. Watch the video about adding shade to paintings before you start painting.

4. Have fun!!

Files to Download