Y3 Reading, PSHE, Wider Curriculum, PE week beginning 12.10.20

Date: 8th Oct 2020 @ 11:24pm



Week begininng 12.10.20

  1. Task 1 – All about Autumn (non-fiction) Choose 1, 2 or 3 star option.
  2. Task 2 – Umbrella (fiction)
  3. Task 3 – recommended reads



Week beginning 12.10.20

Making negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Complete the PDF sheets after reading it through carefully.


Wider Curriculum (Geography)

Week beginning 12.10.20

LO:  To name and locate the countries and cities of the UK.

Read through and follow instructions on the ‘Countries and Cities’ power point and use an atlas to refer you.

Complete Task 1 - ‘Cities Activity Sheet’.

LO: To use the eight compass points to describe the location of the countries and cities of the UK.

Complete Task 2 - ‘Which way in the UK Activity Sheet’.  Choose the 1, 2 or 3 star option, depending on how confident you feel.

(You could google ‘maps of UK’ to help as well).



Week Beginning 12.10.20

LO: To improve level of fitness.

Download the Couch to 5K app.  Can you follow this app and work your way up to running 5K?

Maybe you can do this already… can you improve your time, running 5K?

If you have already started you Couch to 5K journey – keep it up!


LO: To improve level of fitness.

Have a look through the PDF named ‘PE fitness stations’.

Choose a space that is safe to do some exercise in your house.

Spend 60 seconds performing one exercise and have 60 seconds rest. Count how many you did or how long you could do without stopping and write it down.

Repeat until you have had a go at all of the exercises.

Keep your scores somewhere safe to see if you can improve on them next time.


Files to Download