Y3 English Week beginning 19.10.20

Date: 16th Oct 2020 @ 9:44am

Y3 English

Monday  19.10.20

LO: To use inverted commas to show direct speech

Read through the ‘Speech Sandwich’ power point.

Complete the task – ‘Spot the missing speech marks’.


Tuesday 20.10.20

LO: To use inverted commas to show direct speech

Task – Can you re-write the paragraph about Hogarth with the correct speech punctuation?

You need to add words for ‘said’ – see word mat for ideas.

*Challenge – can you add an adverb after your new word for said?

E.g. – “Hello,” he shouted boldly.


Wednesday 21.10.20

LO: To plan a story ending

Task – you are going to plan what you think could happen at the end of the story.

How will you get rid of the SBAD?

Use the ‘Planning grid’ PDF to write down your ideas.

Try and answer the questions as fully as you can.

*Challenge – add powerful vocabulary, e.g. adjectives, adverbs


Thursday 22.10.20

LO: To write a story ending

Task – write your story ending from your plan.


Friday 23.10.20

LO: To write a book review

Task – Write a book review on ‘The Ironman’.

Answer the questions on the PDF as fully as you can.

Files to Download