Y3 English Week beginning 05.10.20

Date: 1st Oct 2020 @ 3:05pm



Lesson 1

LO:  To use evidence from a text to draw a character

Read chapter 4 of The Iron Man.

Draw a picture of the ‘SPACE-BAT-ANGEL-DRAGON’.  Annotate your picture with evidence from the text.


Challenge: Complete the ‘Inventing new similes’ PDF

Write your own similes to describe the ‘SPACE-BAT-ANGEL-DRAGON’.

E.g. Teeth as sharp as razor blades



Lesson 2

LO: To analyse character description.

See ‘Character descriptions to order’ PDF

Cut out and order from your least favourite description to your most favourite description.

Why do you like some but not others?

Challenge: Add words and phrases you liked into the correct headings on the ‘Deepening Activity’ PDF.



Lesson 3

LO: To identify the simple past and simple present tense.

Sort the statements on the 'Past and present' PDF into simple past and simple present.

Identify the verbs by circling them.

Challenge: Write sentences in the simple present and simple past tense, choosing from the verb list:



Lesson 4

LO: To identify the present progressive and past progressive tense.

Watch the ‘Present and Past progressive warm up’ Power point (this is a re-cap from Y2 so you might not want to watch it all).

Complete ‘Mind your Tenses’ PDF.

Choose 2 star if feeling ok about it.

Choose 3 star of feeling really confident.



Lesson 5

LO: To use present perfect tense.

Watch the ‘Past and Present perfect tense warm up’ power point.

Complete ‘Sorting Sentences’ PDF.

Choose 1 star if not feeling very confident.

Choose 2 star if feeling ok about it.

Choose 3 star if feeling really confident.

Files to Download