Year 4 English Home Learning Week beginning 8th June

Date: 4th Jun 2020 @ 2:46pm

WB: 8th  June

Hi year 4,

Thank you for all working so hard on your English home learning. You are all trying your best in these strange and difficult times. We hope you enjoyed last week's learning. We have read some excellent stories on the narrow escape. This week you will reading tales which include life lessons. The animals in the stories make mistakes which they will certainly learn from!

Further details of activities and resources are attached.

Parents - You may find it easier to print all the pages so you have it all together but if you want to save on printing, each day references the pages which may require printing.


Aim: Read and summarise the Ananse story and reflect on it.

Today you will read the story of ‘Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom’. It’s about a spider who likes to boast. Can you summarise the story on a storyboard? Remember a summary includes the most crucial parts of the story not the finer detail.

Pages to print: Page 4


Aim: Revise knowledge of clauses and conjunctions.

Yesterday you read the story of Ananse. Re-read your summary to remind you of the story. Today you will be writing sentences to revise your knowledge of clauses and conjunctions. There is a PowerPoint and revision cards. You might also find this link useful:

After, have a go at the multi clause activity sheets.

Pages to print: Page 3


Aim:  Read and summarise the pig story and reflect on it. Revise knowledge of conjunctions for time, place and cause.

On Monday you read a story about a spider who boasted too much and paid the price for it! Today you will read a story about a pig ‘Why pig has a short snout’. What lesson does the pig learn?

Once you have read the story, you will learn about conjunctions for time, place and cause. Use the PowerPoint and revision cards to help you. Then complete the activity sheet.

Pages to print: Page 6 and 7


Thursday and Friday

Aim: Plan and write a story on Ananse flying using conjunctions for time, place and cause.

Today and tomorrow you will plan your own story similar to the ones you read on Monday and Tuesday. You may wish to plan the story today and write it tomorrow. Or plan and write it today and spend tomorrow editing it and writing it up neatly.

Pages to print: 2,3,4 and 5.

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